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QART Medical Featured in the Rochester Business Journal – Luminate N.Y. Spotlight

QART Medical was featured in the Rochester Business Journal as a startup participating in Luminate NY, a startup accelerator for companies who employ a novel use of optics, photonics, and imaging.

“'QART Medical is working hard to build its business, solidify its technology and forge important relationships in the OPI and greater Rochester community,' said Dr. Sujatha Ramanujan, managing director of Luminate. 'We are proud of the work they are doing to address a pressing issue and are confident that it will have a global impact.'"

QART's feature can be found here: Israeli imaging startup addressing male factor infertility | Luminate N.Y. Spotlight | Rochester Business Journal (rbj.net)

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QART Medical Joins the International Trade Council

QART Medical, a leading MedTech company, is excited to announce its new membership with the International Trade Council (ITC). By joining the ITC, QART becomes part of a global network of businesses and government offices. The International Trade Council is a prestigious organization that fosters international trade and economic development. The council is renowned for providing its members with valuable resources, networking opportunities, and professional support to help them thrive in an increasingly competitive global market.

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QART Medical Featured in CTECH by Calcalist

QART's CEO and Co-founder Alon Shalev took part in roundtable discussions at Calcalist's 2023 Israel-Japan conference in Tokyo and presented to senior executives from the Japanese and international tech industries. Following the conference QART Medical was featured in CTECH, Calcalist's journal focusing on Israeli technology and start-up news.

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QART Medical at Chartered Group’s Israeli Disruptive Innovation Showcase in Tokyo

QART Medical presented at Chartered Group’s Israeli Disruptive Innovation Showcase, in Tokyo, Japan on May 30. The showcase is part of the Calcalist and Israel Discount Bank conference that aims to connect the Israeli and Japanese business communities. QART is grateful to Chartered Group for the opportunity to be featured at this conference.

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QART Medical – Approval to Begin Landmark Clinical Study

QART Medical, an ISO13485 certified MedTech company, is proud to announce the receipt of an approval to begin a new clinical study. This study will evaluate its FDA registered flagship product, the Q300™, in real-life conditions for the most commonly performed IVF procedures, Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). The study is an open label, non-randomized, historical-control study, in which quantitative phase microscopy (QPM) will be used in a clinical setting to assist with an IVF procedure. The performance of the Q300™ was previously tested in a multi-center clinical study, which was recently completed to favorable results.

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QART Medical Accepted to NVIDIA Inception

QART Medical is honored to have been accepted into NVIDIA Inception, NVIDIA’s program for startups. NVIDIA is a world leader in Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) technology and has revolutionized the use of GPUs in artificial intelligence applications. The NVIDIA Inception program is designed to help startups with cutting edge AI technology address real-world challenges.

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QART Medical Accepted to the Nextcorps Luminate Startup Accelerator

QART Medical is honored to be accepted to Luminate, the Nextcorps accelerator for startups whose core technology is enabled by optics, photonics, and imaging. QART is one of ten companies chosen by a panel of industry leaders to be part of the 6th Luminate cohort out of 120 applicants.

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QART MEDICAL – SPIE 2023 Startup Challenge

QART Medical is proud to announce its recent win at the International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE) 13th annual Startup Challenge. Held annually at SPIE’s flagship event, Photonics West, the Startup Challenge is designed to showcase innovative companies and technologies that use photonics to address unmet needs in healthcare and deep-tech.

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QART MEDICAL has Completed Enrollment in its Multi-Center Clinical Study

QART Medical, Raanana, Israel: QART is excited to announce the completion of patient enrollment in the Feasibility, Usability & Performance multi-center clinical study of the Q300™ system. QART anticipates having final results from this study during Q1 2023. Interim results indicate a favorable agreement between the Q300™ and “gold standard” measurements, good usability, and the great importance of using the Q300™ system, in selecting WHO2021-compliant sperm cells.

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