The Q300™

A novel imaging tool

The Q300™ increases the number of high-quality sperm cells available for injection by providing accurate data on cell structure and composition in real-time. >

Human eye meets machine imaging

HD cameras and advanced imaging processing software means you’re able to see cells like never before. In clinical studies the Q300™ rejected 75% of cells that the human eye thought displayed “good morphology”.

Input from the WHO, with the ability to chart your own path

By default, the Q300 uses the WHO2021 sperm morphology evaluation criteria.An easy-to-use system allows you to add user modified criteria, including the addition of optional borderline areas.

Hit the ground running

An intuitive user interface means less time learning how to use the Q300™ and more time spent on patients.


Real-time automatic measurements

Preloaded criteria for sperm cell measurements means there’s no guesswork. Just point and click to get started.

Rapid response times

Advanced algorithms mean that you’re not wasting time waiting on results. Cells are analyzed in under 30 seconds* so you can process multiple samples before lunch.

Keep track of your work

The Q300™ lets you organize cells both physically and digitally. Keeping track of your work with easy-to-understand naming conventions means you can quickly find exactly what you’re looking for.

Keep a record of your selection

Want to go back and check your work? Have a close call and want to consult with a colleague? The Q300™ records data on each cell and lets you pull up the details whenever you want to.

The Q300™ uses a coherent light source coupled with a uniquely configured interferometer incorporated onto a high-quality Olympus inverted microscope. The Q300™ comes with a top-of-the-line Narashige micromanipulator to help you handle and select individual sperm cells.

See Specifications below for more details.

The first of two cameras in the Q300TM – a sensitive, high-speed digital sensor provides high-resolution Bright Field images to the software for analysis. This camera simultaneously captures the same field of view as seen through the eyepiece for real-time display.

A high-quality Olympus inverted microscope provides the backbone for the Q300 system.


An advanced infinity corrected oil immersion lens provides the maximum available resolution with 60x magnification.

A top-of-the-line NarashigeTM micromanipulator allows the user to effortlessly select, capture, and manipulate individual sperm cells.

The second camera in Q300™, a uniquely configured interferometer featuring a high-definition monochrome camera for phase detection.

High-grade optics provide excellent fidelity coherent imaging.

A low intensity 633nm HeNe laser allows the Q300™ to safely image individual sperm cells without damaging them. The laser poses no risk to either the cells or to the operator. A notch filter in the optical path prevents the laser from reaching the eyepiece.

Ergonomic foot pedals allow for hands-free operation of imaging procedures.

Q300™ System Specifications