QART Medical Accepted to NVIDIA Inception

QART Medical is honored to have been accepted into NVIDIA Inception, NVIDIA’s program for startups. NVIDIA is a world leader in Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) technology and has revolutionized the use of GPUs in artificial intelligence applications. The NVIDIA Inception program is designed to help startups with cutting edge AI technology address real-world challenges.

QART Medical is at the forefront of integrating AI and deep-learning with novel imaging technology to help address the global fertility crisis. To do so, QART has developed the Q300™ system, a revolutionary application of quantitative phase microscopy (QPM), which, for the first time, allows embryologists to make evidence-based decisions when selecting sperm cells for use in in vitro fertilization (IVF). QART empowers embryology labs around the world to enhance their treatment and improve the lives of many couples struggling to conceive. QART’s approach to imaging sperm cells for use in IVF procedures involves a significant number of calculations and fits well with the NVIDIA GPU based frameworks.

Being part of NVIDIA Inception will support QART’s efforts to accelerate processing performance. “Utilizing NVIDIA’s cutting-edge platforms will empower QART to better serve the IVF ecosystem with mission-critical insights, with the ultimate objective of improving clinical success rates. We’re happy and grateful to have been offered the opportunity to join NVIDIA’s Inception framework” said Alon Shalev, CEO and Co-Founder of QART Medical.