QART Medical – Presentation at the JSRM 2022 Conference

QART Medical presented at the 67th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society for Reproductive Medicine, on November 3-4th, 2022 (see: http://www.jsrm.or.jp/en/meetings_sch.html).

The conference took place in the Pacifico Yokohama Conference Center, Tokyo, Japan. The QART team showcased the Q300™ system, which empowers embryologists to make objective, quantitative, recorded, and highly-informed decisions about the sperm cells they select for injection into oocytes during IVF. The QART team was joined by our partners at Chartered Investment Managers who provided excellent in-country support. QART’s groundbreaking technology and the Q300™ system, were presented to embryologists, reproductive-medicine research scientists, hospital administrators and medical device distributors.

The typical comment that was made, once visitors stopped at our booth, is “At last, attention and technology addressing male fertility pathologies”. They were immediately drawn to QART Medical’s novel technology and were eager to learn more. Many physicians asked nuanced questions, allowing us to further explain the benefit that can be derived from using the Q300™ system. In addition to being interested in the technological advancements that QART’s system incorporates, embryologists visiting our booth were captivated by the idea of receiving detailed quantitative information about sperm cells in real-time as well as future features like 4D tomography. The possibility of conducting peer-review-like discussions about which of the analyzed sperm cells should be injected, fascinated many.


The QART team is now in the last stage of interviews of its site manager in Japan, whose role would be to strategize, plan, oversee and directly manage the activities of QART medical, as it gradually plans to enter the Japanese market. Following this conference, QART reps continued on a focused roadshow with Tokyo-based IVF clinics that are interested in becoming early adopters of the Q300™.