QART Medical receives notice of EU allowance on patent covering its compact module

Q-ART Medical announces today that its European patent application, named “Portable Interferometric Device” to Shaked et al. has been allowed. The patent teaches the realization of a novel, simple to use, portable, compact and inexpensive platform for interferometric optical thickness measurements that can be easily incorporated into an existing microscopes with integrated cameras. “This is an important building block in our extensive patent portfolio, encompassing both new quantitative phase measurement methods, and its applications, with particular focus on the field of fertility, wherein the need for real-time, label-free, quantitative, inter-cellular imaging, is mission-critical.” said Prof. Natan. T. Shaked, Founder and Chief Scientist of QART Medical.

“Quantitative Phase Imaging was never an integral part of the routine workflow of IVF clinics, for numerous reasons – among which, their high sensitivity to vibration, significant cost and required operational expertise. QART Medical product line is focused at operator-friendly, resource-friendly and clinical-lab-adapted compact interferometric microscopes. These products will enable objective characterization and sorting of sperm cells for ICSI procedures. The European allowance of this important patent constitutes a major milestone in protecting our IP assets towards attaining these objectives” said Alon Shalev, Founder and CEO of QART Medical.