QART MEDICAL – SPIE 2023 Startup Challenge

QART Medical is proud to announce its recent win at the International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE) 13th annual Startup Challenge. Held annually at SPIE’s flagship event, Photonics West, the Startup Challenge is designed to showcase innovative companies and technologies that use photonics to address unmet needs in healthcare and deep-tech.

In its 5-min pitch & Q&A session, QART described its unique technological approach and proprietary assets towards improving IVF success rates by using quantitative phase microscopy (QPM), advanced machine vision, and highly efficient image processing algorithms, to analyze the morphology of individual sperm cells in real-time. Specifically, QART showcased the Q300TM system, designed to empower embryologists to make objective, quantitative, recorded, and highly-informed decisions about the sperm cells they select for injection into oocytes during IVF.

After being selected as one of the finalists, QART Medical placed second in the Startup Challenge.

At the conference the QART team was able to discuss opportunities for partnership with manufacturers, leaders in optical equipment, as well as local clinics and research centers in the San Fransisco area interested in collaborating with QART Medical in the near future.