QART receives second grant support from the Israeli Innovation Authority

Ra’anana, Israel December 2020;

QART Medical Ltd. received a second grant support from the IIA – Israeli Innovation Authority.

QART’s R&D efforts are focused at bringing to IVF clinics worldwide a novel system called QISITM (Quantitative Interferometric Sperm Imager) – allowing the embryologist to make highly informed decisions, when selecting individual sperm cells for injection into the (female) egg in a dish, in a procedure called ICSI (intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection).

Today, individual sperm cells are mostly selected according to their gross head shape, external “silhouette” and their swimming trajectory. The QISITM system in designed to allow embryologists to benchmark all consensus criteria, included in the World Health Organization 2010’s guidebook to IVF clinics, in addition to key indications, pertaining to the level of DNA fragmentation.

QART intends to conduct initial lab studies with its system in H1 ’21.

The company was established around the technology of Prof. Natan T. Shaked together with Ramot, the technology transfer arm of Tel Aviv University.